Tournament Poker Sites

Poker sites that allow players to play in tournaments for real money are very popular. These tournaments often charge real money entry fees and offer prizes to the winner in real money. The best real money tournament sites offer a wide variety of games and large jackpots.

Types Of Online Poker Tournaments

Most poker sites have tournaments that offer real money jackpots to winners. There are many different types of real money tournaments that poker rooms offer. These tournaments vary in size and the amount of cash that can be won.

  • Sit and go tournaments are informal games that have a pre-selected number of players, usually around ten. Once that many players sign up, the game begins. Entry fees are usually small and games are quick.
  • Free roll tournaments do not charge players entry fees to play. Free roll tournaments are usually offered to registered users during promotions. These types of tournaments always offer real money jackpots.
  • Single-table tournaments only have a few players. These tournaments are small and only have a few rounds. The buy-ins for these games are usually minimal. The competition level and jackpot amounts for single table tournaments will vary greatly depending on the site.
  • Multi-table tournaments usually have a lot of players and a high level of competition. These tournaments will often have many rounds and large jackpots. The buy-in amounts for these tournaments are often quite high.
  • Satellite tournaments are also called qualifiers because they offer a prize to the winner including a free entry to a larger tournament. Satellite tournaments usually have low entry fees but can have thousands of entrants. Satellite tournaments are usually very competitive.

Where To Play Poker Tournaments On The Web

The best real money tournament sites will offer large payouts and guaranteed prize pools to winners. Prizes are constantly changing on sites, but check the average amount for a few weeks before signing up with a site. Popular, more established sites will usually have higher jackpot amounts.

The best real money tournament sites will have a lot of registered players and high traffic. High traffic means that there will be more competition to win games, but there will always be someone on your same skill level to play with.

You will also want to choose a site that has good software. You will want to make sure that the software is easy to use and quick. Download it from the site and do a test run of the software for a couple of different sites before choosing one to use. You may also want to consider a site that has an instant play option. Not every site will offer an instant play option, but if they do, it will be easy to locate on the home page.

There are literally hundreds of poker sites online that offer real money tournaments. The best sites will offer many different tournaments to choose from and will also have software that is easy to use.