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This Web site has been created by knowledgeable players of the online poker community. However, due to variations in laws from country to country, it must be pointed out that any individual player must confirm what the legalities are within their jurisdiction as it pertains to online poker.  What is legal in one country may not be in another.  You may not hold this Web site responsible for changes in the law, as with all online gaming, laws change very frequently. With that siad, be aware of what the situation is where you reside.  OnlinePokerSites.Net is not an online poker site and this site does not process deposits for the purpose of playing poker online.

About Accuracy of OnlinePokerSites.Net

While every effort is made to maintain accurate information on OnlinePokerSites.Net, we cannot guarantee accurate information and we require that all Web site visitors explore their own laws as legalities vary from country to country.  In addition, bonuses and promotions are subject to expire or change at any time by the poker sites that initiated them, and OnlinePokerSites.Net simply offers information on such promotions.  OnlinePokerSites.Net cannot be held responsible for information that is no longer accurate.

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Please be advised that OnlinePokerSites.Net does not handle funds or deposits for the purpose of playing poker online.  The information found on OnlinePokerSites.Net is intended to assist Web site visitors to make decisions that are informed and assist in locating the poker site that appeals to their gaming needs.  For questions related to funding, please direct them to the gaming site of your choice.

OnlinePokerSites.Net and Funding Information

From time to time, money can be lost through online poker gaming.  This should be understood. Furthermore, this Web site cannot be held responsible for such losses.  In addition, as laws change in countries where online poker and gaming are not legal, monies held by online poker gaming facilities may be seized by governments.  In the unlikely event of this happening, you must pursue regaining access to your funds. OnlinePokerSites.Net cannot assist in that process, nor be held responsible for such actions.  Be sure to research the laws before playing poker online in your country.

Play poker responsibly.