Online Poker Software Tools

The best online poker software is generally divided into two categories: online poker odds calculators and online poker tracking software. When used in combination, these types of online poker software can drastically improve your game by allowing you to analyze hand histories and determine your odds of success in real time. Some online poker software is available for free, while other online poker software programs require a one-time fee or a subscription charge.

Is Using Software That Helps Your Game Ethical?

The short answer is yes, both online poker tracking software and online poker odds calculators are ethical to use. Essentially, these types of online poker software offer you the same information that you could figure out yourself using a calculator and a firm understanding of poker odds and statistics. However, the best online poker software programs make these calculations much faster than would be possible when done manually. Many of the best live poker professionals have learned the ability to make these types of calculations, at least at an approximate level, without using automated programs. By using online poker software, you can gain many of these advantages without resorting to cheating.

Certain types of online poker software, such as poker bots, are deemed unethical by most poker players and online poker sites. A poker bot goes far beyond providing you with statistics, and actually plays real money poker games for you automatically.

Odds And Probability Calclators

Online poker odds calculators are used to determine statistical information, such as your hand strength before and after the flop, the number of outs available to you, and the chances of both you and your opponents completing any potential draw hands.

Online poker odds calculators are offered in both downloadable and browser based online poker software versions. Browser based online poker odds calculators require that you enter information, such as the game type, number of players, and the cards assigned to each player, manually. This allows you to calculate the aforementioned odds in any scenario you can imagine. As such, browser based online poker odds calculators are ideal when you’re coming up with new strategies or determining just how bad of a beat you received in your last session.

Downloadable online poker software odds calculators are installed on your computer and integrate directly with the downloadable poker programs offered by many online poker sites. They might work in a separate window or as a heads-up display that appears in the same window as your online poker table. In either case, the downloadable online poker odds calculator will receive information from your online poker software in real time, giving you the statistics you need to make the most informed betting decisions.

Some online poker odds calculators even give you advice about which betting decision to make based on odds and probabilities, which is ideal for players who don’t want to waste time interpreting the raw data. The best online poker odds calculators are compatible with a wide array of online poker software and poker game types, as opposed to only Texas Holdem and Omaha.

Using Databases That Track Your Opponents Play

Online poker tracking software, much like online poker odds calculators, is used to improve your game and help you make smarter betting decisions. However, online poker tracking software is generally used while you’re not actually playing. Instead, you must utilize online poker tracking software by uploading your hand histories into the program. The online poker software will then parse the data, allowing you to sort through it in meaningful ways. For example, you might sort the hand histories according to the hole cards you received and then see the total money you’ve won, your win percentage, viewed flop percentage and more statistics based on those particular hole cards.

Online poker tracking software can also be used to track your play according to whether you were participating in a cash game or tournament, or based on your starting position. You can also look at each of your previous sessions on an individual basis to see trends in your playing style as the hands continued.Many of the best online poker players rely on online poker software such as poker trackers to analyze their ability to choose the right tables and opponents, and to improve on the weakest points of their games. For example, you might use online poker tracking software to determine which stake levels you’ve earned the most money at, or which opponents have proven to be the biggest fish.

As with online poker odds calculators, it’s important to find an online poker software tracking program that works with your operating system, chosen online poker rooms and preferred game types. In some cases, you may need to download different versions of online poker software for each game type you play.